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If you have always wanted to become a perfect gentleman like those guys in old-school Hollywood movies, welcome to the club! These men were true representatives of good values that were appreciated back then, but what is the definition of a gentleman these days? What are his major traits? Stay with us and keep on reading if you want to find out!

He always takes proper care of his skin...

Contrary to popular belief, establishing a skincare routine that works for your skin type isn’t just a thing for the ladies – but for men as well. Every groomed gentleman knows that his skin needs a few essential products in order to stay hydrated, refreshed, and youthful, which is exactly why he does everything he can to make that happen. One of the most important men’s facial skincare products is certainly a moisturizer, which replenishes the lost moisture and hydrates the skin to the max. As for its formula, men with oilier skin should pick a lightweight, gel-like moisturizer that won’t make their skin feel sticky and greasy all day long. On the other hand, guys with dry skin should opt for thicker creams that will provide enough hydration on a daily basis. A well-groomed man also loves to exfoliate before shaving, in order to get rid of the dead skin cells which will result in a closer and neater shave. 

… And the same goes for his hair, too

Every groomed gentleman also pays a lot of attention to his hair, which is often a significant part of his overall look and personal style in general. Apart from a regular shampoo, which is a hair care product familiar to all guys out there, the truth is that there are a bunch of other products you should use for even better results. One of these is a conditioner, which conditions the hair follicle (as its name states) for immediate results. Even though it may seem like an additional and unnecessary step in your grooming routine, the fact is that you don’t have to use it on a daily basis – a couple of times a week will be more than enough. Apart from that, there are also fantastic men’s hair styling products like pre- and post-styling creams that provide more volume and hold. If you need something like that, be sure to give hair pomades a try and you won’t regret it!

He understands that his beard needs extra care as well

Bearded gentlemen know that their scruff needs some love too, which is why they love to experiment with products like beard oil, shampoo, and balm which inevitably give their facial hair extra oomph. If you want to provide the best possible care for your facial hair too, make sure to find quality beard & moustache products that will completely fulfil your needs. For example, beard oil is essential as it will tame your beard while nourishing the skin underneath it. On the other hand, moustache wax is crucial for all those men who want their moustache to be flawlessly styled, without moving. These are the key to success if you ask any perfectly groomed gentleman!

He has an impeccable personal style…

Speaking of his personal style, we have to say that every groomed gentleman dresses well – but not necessarily in suits. However, suits definitely play a huge role in their lives, especially when it comes to tailored men’s wedding suits that perfectly fit their body measurements. Of course, such a suit is said to be a symbol of gentlemanly style, which is what fashion-forward men live by. Apart from that, every man should also own a quality pair of jeans, a pair of dress shoes, a tailored jacket and a few button-downs in neutral colours like black, white and navy. These are the true basics every guy should have in his wardrobe.

… As well as good manners

Apart from an established grooming routine, a perfect gentleman also has good manners and that’s exactly what makes him what he is. Yes, it’s highly likely that you’re going to say or do something wrong – it happens to everybody – but what matters most is what you’re going to do next. Gentlemen always apologize when they’re wrong, but remember that an apology always has to be heartfelt in order for it to be perceived as honest and sincere. A little empathy goes a long way, and you’ll become a better person as soon as you realize that. Apart from that, gentlemen know how to compliment women without salacious intentions, just for the sake of making them happy and being kind towards them. That’s exactly how true gentlemen sort things out, so be sure you follow their rules, too.

As you can see, groomed gentlemen have so many amazing traits, and these five are only the tip of the iceberg. Just make sure to stick to our tips if you want to become one, and you won’t make a mistake!

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