One of the most defining items of your outfit are the cufflinks. A true gentleman adds to his attire carefully chosen cufflinks. A good pair of cufflinks can be worn on many occasions.

The development of the cufflink is closely linked to development of the shirt. Shirt-like item have been used ever since the Middle Ages, but it wasn’t till the middle of the 19th century that the cufflink became popular. The use of cufflinks has seen a tremendous fluctuation from only certain layers of society using it to being used by all men right after the industrial revolution. The 1980s saw a revival of the male dress. This trend has continued every since.

Create Your Collection Of Cufflinks

Wearing the right pair of cufflinks that matches your outfit is of paramount importance. A cufflink is an asset to your outfit of significant detail. I would encourage you to collect cufflinks made out of different materials and in different colours. You will then be able to pick the right pair of cufflinks that matches your shirt, tie and suit.

Find The Right Colour Combination

One of my motto’s is to always to find the right colour combinations. As a start I would always consider finding matching colours. You will need to own different pairs of cufflinks to make your outfit work. 

Putting Your Cufflinks On Properly

Inserting your cufflinks properly can be tricky. Practice makes perfect. There is no one way of properly putting them on as it really depends on finger agility. Inserting the stem in the initial button hole is the start - hold it between your index finger and middle finger and hold the stem with your thumb. Now you can push it through the other button holes.

When To Wear Cufflinks

In my opinion there is no moment when one can’t wear a good pair of cufflinks. When you wear a shirt you can wear cufflinks. In a social situation there is more scope to use colourful and playful pairs of cufflinks and experimenting with colour combinations. A formal situation requires a slightly more reserved approach in using planer and more solid materials.  

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Cyrill Ibrahim