Savile Row Company - Shirts For a Gentleman

It has taken me a while to really know what it is that I am looking for in a proper shirt. I am lucky to have been working with several shirtmakers and all of these shirtmakers have had something unique to tell me.

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My latest shirt collaboration was a shirtmaker from a famous street - Savile Row. All the more excited I was to be working with Savile Row Company. They are famous for delivering high standard formal wear. I can totally affirm this is indeed the case.

The formal shirts which I have received are from an exceptional quality. Not only do they hold that silky feel but the detail in finishing is truly beautiful. The Windsor collars of my shirt are sturdy - I have always found this terribly important as there is nothing more disturbing as an untidy collar. One of the truly lovely details is the navy stitch in my Blue Stripe Twill Shirt. It is this sort of details that make a shirt special.

40 Savile Row is where this family run business resides. They started making finely tailored shirt in 1938 and are now shipping to 80 countries worldwide.

I highly recommend Savile Row Company as I believe a true gentleman needs  formal shirts that are made with care and precision.

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