Story Collection #3 with Frances Nutt - Gentlemen’s Luxury Accessories

The London based designer Frances Nutt has caught my attention a while ago. I found the scarves full of true artistry and was dying to find out more about Frances Nutt's work. I am delighted to share the story of Frances Nutt.

francesnuttlondon-illustratedtextiles-whittington repeat.jpg


Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

I learnt my trade through experience. In the darkroom of a graphic designers, a screenprinter's in Manchester making posters for clubs including the Hacienda and as a freelance illustrator, graphic and web designer. I currently work as the textile librarian at Interior Designers Carden Cunietti. My childhood dream was to be a textile designer and every job I have had has led inevitably to this.

I launched my illustrated textile company as an online shop at Best of Britannia in October 2016. I sell my work through seasonal fairs around Christmas time - Candid Arts, Spirit of Christmas, the Library Club and Chelsea Physic Garden Chrsitmas Fair. I am also stocked by Sean O Flynn Bespoke Shirtmaker, Sackville St W1 and Chris Kerr Tailor, Berwick St W1.

What is your main source of inspiration?

Each pattern is inspired by the story of place ~ mostly in London ~ adapted into a repeatable pattern made with photographs and drawings.  My unique Londoner’s everyday relationship to iconic and esoteric landmarks is transformed into vibrant and beautiful ornamentation.

"Oxford St Xmas Tartan" is a repeat pattern of Selfridges Xmas windows, "Empire" uses the architectural features of Hackney Empire and "Hampstead Heath" developed from a twilight photo taken on a walk with an old friend. Whittington is a collage of London landmarks telling the tale of Dick Whittington and his cat – recognisable as the mosaic discovered in the side entrance to Peter Jones, Sloane Square.

Which achievements are you most proud of?

I am proud that I have created beautiful accessories that are works of art that you can wear. Patterns naturally evolving from my experience as a curious and adventurous born and bred Londoner delighting in my neighbourhood and home town. A functional mixture of beauty and practicality.

dandelions4 bw3.jpg

Your brand has a sincere integrity - how do envision protecting this in the future?

London and the world are unlimited sources of inspiration ~ layers of history and culture, mythology and symbolism still to be discovered. I walk a lot and feel the history of those who have gone before in the pavements and walls of the cities I explore. It is the craft of these unknown others that translates into my contemporary adornments that lift the spirit of those who wear them. As long as I retain the wonder in the world around me - I will work from my heart and weave some magic.

How would you describe the style in which your products fit and what do you think is the connection with The Cultured Gentleman’s style?

I like how your blog expresses and reflects your skill as a musician ~ a creative human being with a sensitivity to the beauty and ethos of our culture. Creating a look with care and attention which adds an elegant beauty and modern style to the spaces that we share.

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