Story Collection #1 with OHMME - Redefining Masculinity -

The first interview of The Cultured Gentleman Story Collection is with OHMME a high-quality men's apparel brand who encourages men to practice yoga and challenge the preconceived ideas of masculinity.  A fascinating story about of a truly conscious brand.

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Credit: Yücel Güleç / GULEC.CO

Can you tell us a bit more about the story behind OHMME - who are the founders and what was the initial mission and motto?

OHMME was created by Louis d’Origny, and is the first men's-only disruptive activewear brand that is challenging the current attitudes towards societal stereotypes and toxic ideas of masculinity.

As a mathematics graduate, Louis set out on the well-trodden path of joining Wall Street, but typical to his generation, believed there must be a better way. Instead of feeling that his skills were being misused to take advantage of people, he wanted to create something that would change the world for the better. He started OHMME in 2015, as one 24-year-old man and his laptop. Created in London, UK, OHMME is an ethical apparel brand, designed to encourage guys to be able to move more freely through practices, like yoga, while being totally comfortable in their own skin.

As a regular mountaineer Louis cares about the planet, the performance of his kit, impact of production on the environment and the significance of having a calm mind. There is no room for panicking when jumping down a couloire!

OHMME is very conscience about the environment - how does your brand make sure that the impact is at a minimum?

The existing male activewear market is all about performance clothing, but for OHMME the performance of the items is a baseline requirement. OHMME creates quality moisture-wicking and breathable leisurewear that is light years ahead of the competition. By using responsibly sourced fabrics with Bluesign® accreditation and Green Defence technology, to encompass all the hi-tech, anti-microbial properties required of male activewear.  

Bluesign® accredited fabrics are used which means that water use and air emissions are monitored, and harmful chemicals are eliminated from the manufacturing process, ensuring a solution for sustainable textile production. Green Defence a patent technology, which is natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It uses cinnamon and almond extracts to keep fabrics hygienic and fresher for longer. This is far better for the planet, the fabrics and your skin, than using heavy metals that are currently so popular in men’s activewear. 

Which achievements are OHMME most proud of?

OHMME is proudest of changing the image of yoga for men from ‘this isn’t for me’ to ‘why wouldn’t I try this?’ We are really proud of getting guys into yoga and encouraging a deeper connection with themselves. We are very proud of challenging the set ideas of masculinity.

Your brand has a sincere integrity - how do envision protecting this in the future?

OHMME will be staying grounded and close to the community they are building. OHMME will continue their research into fabric sustainability, and always ensure that they are producing items in the most eco-friendly way. Louis endeavours to always be part of the growth of OHMME to ensure we only work with individuals who truly believe in the brand.  We try and work with people who believe in the brand, although we do understand that business is a great tool to make a living, but OHMME also believes it is a lever by which they can bring about change; from addressing the current ideas of masculinity to taking care of the environment.

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How would you describe the style in which your products fit and what do you think is the connection with The Cultured Gentleman’s style?

OHMME was created under the brief of style, movement and comfort. The clothes were created as stylish urban casual wear, and to practice yoga. We hope to see guys being able to wear the T-shirts under a blazer in an office and in the gym or yoga studio. 

The active collection is designed to encourage guys who normally wouldn’t consider a yoga practice to join the movement. Our upcoming casualwear collection is designed to encourage men to adopt mobility wherever they go. Why wear uncomfortable jeans when you can have clothes made from high tech eco conscious materials designed for complete freedom of movement? 

I think ‘The Cultured Gentleman’ is a man who takes self-development and conscious living seriously, but in a relaxed way. There is no pressure, but to be the best man you can be is a pleasure. OHMME is all about guys connecting with themselves and taking their own path.