10 Drink Orders Every Gentleman Needs to Know

Guest Article by Peter Minkoff

A gentleman can not only handle his drink, he also knows how to order it, when to order it, and which particular beverage is perfect for the occasion. Social drinking is the norm in a modern society, and whether you have found yourself on a first date looking to impress a person of interest, or at a social gathering where you want to come off not only as a gentleman but as a skilful and knowledgeable individual, you need to familiarise yourself with the world of fine drinking.

Here are ten drink orders for any setting, how to order them, and how to drink them in order to show that you are a cultured gentleman people will admire and respect.

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The Manhattan is one of the most popular cocktails in the male universe, and is one of the drinks that can be sipped in a multitude of social settings. The combination of just three simple ingredients makes this drink a great choice for cocktail parties, intimate gatherings with friends and it serves excellently as a conversation starter on a date before the main course arrives.

Tom Collins

A staple in a man’s repertoire of drinks is, of course, the Tom Collins, a tried and tested summer drink served in a Collins glass over ice. Sweet, bubbly, with a stiff gin base, this drink can pack a punch, so be sure to drink it one sip at a time if you are not looking to influence your senses and actions with alcohol.


It is not a coincidence that the Martini was the drink of choice for one of the most dangerous and most popular secret service agents in history. James Bond popularised the famous cocktail way back in the 1960s and it has since become a gentleman’s go-to drink in almost any setting.

Simple, elegant and sophisticated, the Martini is served in a slim glass, with an olive with red pimento garnish and a combination of four parts Gin and one part dry vermouth, complemented with lemon zest. 

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Gin and tonic

Leave it to the British to create a timeless drink anyone can enjoy to their heart’s content without even realising that they have crossed the threshold. The Gin and tonic is one of those drinks everyone loves, which packs a punch and can turn every social gathering into a party very quickly. Do drink responsibly. 


The king of neat drinks, and a portrayer or simplicity and manliness, is a strong bourbon drink served in a manly bourbon glass. The term “neat” signifies that the drink is pure and unmixed, not even with a pair of ice cubes, which would require you to add “on the rocks” to your order. A great way to end a rich meal in the evening.



A gentleman can never go wrong with a glass of vino. Sophisticated and timeless, wine is perfect for opening an appetite, starting a conversation, or ending an evening in good humour and spirit. When in doubt, order wine.

There are intricacies concerning wine, and you should learn the proper combinations of dish and vintage, in order to get the most out of your meal, and also present a knowledgeable and gentlemanly personality. Be sure to order good natural wine that has been fermented with minimal intervention during the winemaking process in order to get the richest taste and aroma.

Black Russian

Also known as the Black Ewan, the Black Russian is truly a party setting cocktail, mostly because of its mixture of vodka and coffee liqueur served in an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes. This is a drink for a fun social setting, and if you do order it at dinner, be sure it’s after the main course.


Finally, the Margarita is not often associated with manhood, however, it is one of the most popular summer cocktails that every gender can enjoy. Zesty and strong, this famous cocktail is the drink of choice at any party. If you prefer a sweeter taste, you can ask the bartender to add agave syrup to the lime, tequila and Cointreau mix.


There is nothing ungentlemanly about drinking good old beer. Beer making is a timeless and rewarding craft, enriched with taste and aroma even women can’t resist. A tall glass of beer is manly, can be sophisticated, and it shows that you’re not afraid to show who you truly are amidst the masks and feigns of modern social settings.

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is also a gentlemanly drink, however, it is more suited for those of a sweeter taste preference. Nevertheless, you will be getting your dose of whiskey or bourbon combined with hard liquor, bitters and one sugar cube.

A modern, cultured gentleman embodies many skills, traits and a few talents, one of which is the skill to choose and enjoy a perfect drink for himself and even for the person across the table. Be sure to get to know these timeless drinks and you will have no problems elevating your gentlemanly stature to new heights.

Peter is a men's lifestyle writer at High Street Gent magazine from UK. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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