A Discovery; Cognac Tasting

I was utterly delighted to be cordially invited for the cognac tasting hosted by Whisky Exchange and Le Cognac. In the convivial environment of Whisky Exchange on Bedford Street, London, I was taken on a voyage of discovery by Michelle Brachet who, as award winning Cognac expert, was our guide. She was able to convince the assembled company of bloggers and journalists of the diversity of this wonderful drink. Needless to say, this is a drink of enormous stigmas as we connect this to fine drinking that is only for the wealthy. The opposite is true, as Brachet points out on many occasions in the tasting, that with its variety Cognac can easily be used in cocktails and mixed with many soft drinks. She encourages to experiment and open the taste buds to new experiences.

Drinking Cognac on its own is done ideally in a tulip shaped glass. On last week's occasion I was lucky to taste a 40 years old Cognac from the house of Paul Giraud as well as Esteve Coup de Coeur. Encouraged to imagine connections to the taste and smells of every single different Cognac, one is able to get used to the sheer volume and depth of this drink. Connect this to good music which can be appreciated by many but experiencing the true depths of art needs dedication and perseverance. 

Cognac FR has as mission to bring Cognac to a wider audience and with such inspiring experts as Michelle Brachet I am in no doubt Cognac will have it's righteous place. Whisky Exchange just of the Strand is worth a visit to discover the variety of whiskey and other delicate drinks in this environment and with such dedicated experts it's hard to not get carried away. 

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