A Guide to Gentlemen's Luxury Lifestyle

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A Guide to Gentlemen's Luxury Lifestyle

A luxurious lifestyle is something many aim to achieve. Knowing what to wear, how to accessorise, and even what to smoke can aid you in portraying an air of confidence. Being a gentleman is a step towards representing yourself the way you wish, which can be beneficial in every aspect of your life. There are a few simple touches and changes you can make in your life to have a luxurious lifestyle, factors which will make a difference in how you carry yourself and present yourself to others.

Choose a Superb Cigar

Smoking a cigar has been intrinsically connected with being a gentleman throughout history, providing one of the finest pleasures in life. The best cigars are generally hand-rolled in countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Italy, and Holland. Choosing your first cigar correctly is vital, as a full-bodied cigar on a first smoke might ruin the experience. 

Similarly, cigars that are too inexpensive are unlikely to have followed the right processes for proper storage or sourced the best tobacco leaves. A smooth and less intense flavour can be achieved with a medium-priced cigar. A Cohiba Robusto cigar, for example, is well-rounded and with a light taste that provides ease of smoking. A Cuban Montecristo NO. 4 is a great option for a first cigar, possessing a mellow aroma and a full-bodied taste. 

Investing in cigar cutters, humidors, cases, and ashtrays will only heighten your experience, as you become prepared to fully develop your cigar smoking taste. Trying new brands will expand your palate, as you try stronger and bolder flavours from a wide variety of countries. A gentleman, however, always has enough cigars to share, and such an offering can be a distinguished action that portrays confidence and style.

Wear a Tailored Suit

Purchasing a suit from a shop can seem to be a great option, as many shops have a selection of high-quality suits to choose from. Going to the local menswear store, and choosing a basic colour suit that is ideal for most occasions can be tempting, as it seems to provide a simpler, quicker solution. Wearing a tailored suit, however, will give you a far better fit. Suits that can be purchased from stores are typically made in a few sizes which may fit the mannequins properly, but not necessarily flatter your own style and preferences of fit.

Clothes often send a message to the world, contributing to the first impression that you make on people. Having an ill-fitted suit is not comfortable either, and feeling comfortable in your clothes will help you to projecting confidence. A tailored suit gives you that comfort, being a long-term investment due to the detailed craftsmanship involved. Tailored suits can also be made in any fabric you wish, making it easier to have a suit in the right colour with the right feel, and ideal for the occasion for which it is required. 

Add Cufflinks to Your Outfit

Cufflinks are typically worn in formal and semi-formal occasions, as they provide the ideal alternative to buttons. The highest quality shirts will typically have links at the cuffs, and cufflinks often become an essential part of your outfit. White tie events are more formal than black tie events, with a stricter dress code that asks for more luxurious cufflinks. Mother-of-pearl cufflinks or similar designs are ideal for this kind of occasion. For a black tie event, a formal style of cufflink - such as classic silver with small details - are the right level of subtlety so not to not detract from your outfit. 

Cufflinks are simple and easy to wear, with all designs following the similar rules depending on the shirt you are wearing. If you are wearing a French cuff dress shirt, also known as double cuff shirts, you should begin by folding back the cuff. This is unnecessary with a single cuff shirt, and you can simply hold and align the cuffs together before attaching the cufflink you wish.

Invest in a High-Quality Watch

A high-quality watch will always be in fashion, adding a luxurious and stylish touch to your outfit. Investing in a timepiece offers the best possible timekeeping technology, particularly if you purchase the latest models. Watches are developed to the utmost precision, ensuring that you always arrive on time. As a convenient and practical accessory, they allow you to easily check the time as checking your phone could prove to be impolite in more formal or work-related situations.

Watches are often composed of materials such as gold, titanium, and even diamonds, providing a subtle display of your achievements. Treating yourself to such an accessory will remind you of how you have been successful and to be proud of these successes. Certain models also offer unique features and special dials, adding high performance for activities such as aquatic sports, hiking, and running. A nice watch can be a stunning heirloom, inherited from your father and passed down through generations, giving it sentimental value in addition to its luxurious design.

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