A Shirt with a Personal Touch - Shirt Makers of London

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To my delight I have been asked to collaborate with Shirt Makers of London. I highly recommend purchasing their shirts for the quality is extraordinary and not to forgot the highly personable approach they offer.

The shirt can feature several unique elements such as visible on the photo's below.

Get to know the founders of Shirt Makers of London in the following interview.

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1. What do you feel is the true quality of Shirt Makers of London?

Well, at Shirt Makers we operate to make tailor made shirts accessible to everyone. We do this by offering a premium tailoring service where we come to you at no extra cost. So we’d like to think we provide a quality bespoke experience, as each shirt is made to measure and hand delivered.

2. Would you be able to elaborate on how the idea of Shirt Makers of London came to be?

I had always struggled with finding the perfect shirt for that special occasion. That was when the simple solution of being able to wear a shirt that fit perfectly, without the expensive price tag finally hit me. But we also wanted it to be an experience that’s hassle free, by coming straight to your door for measurements and delivery. We’re very lucky, London is the best city in the world and we get the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people.

3. The personal touch of the creation of a shirt by Shirt Makers of London is sublime, do you think this is one of your trademarks.

Definitely. From the start, the tailor enquires what fit you’d like so that when he cuts that pattern, he can adjust the amount of fullness on the shirt to your specification. If the client wants some allowance on the chest or a specific collar style for example, our tailors can do that.

But the real beauty of bespoke is being able to add a personal touch, whether it’s a floral pattern inside your collar, or your initials stitched on the cuff. We rarely provide shirts for clients who don’t go for that added personal touch and it’s certainly becoming a very popular trend. 

4. I am sincerely delighted with the quality of the shirts. What attracted you to collaborate with The Cultured Gentleman?

Well it was quite clear from the start that you embedded all the traits that SML was looking for: sophisticated, smart and fun. We were looking to collaborate with someone who knew how to dress with a twist, and take an outfit from day to night. You were perfect for that and the collaboration was truly a pleasure.

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