Christmas Tips #1 - Harber London - Crafted Leather Goods With a Vision

When Harber London asked me for a collaboration I didn’t hesitate for a moment. A quick look on their website gives you immediately the feel for their items. Slick, timeless, handcrafted leather goods with a simplistic and convivial feel.

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Even the most practical of things such as laptop chargers and cables need to be carried round. For every modern gentleman this can be sometimes hard to carry in a stylish manner that is in keeping with the outfit of the day. For The Cultured Gentleman the leather goods from Harber London are perfectly fitting with any outfit and for all occasions.

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What is most attractive to all Harber London products is it's honesty and craftsmanship in making every day carrying feel easy and complete. The computer sleeve which I am lucky to enjoy is besides very sturdy, beautifully crafted with a keen eye for detail. The finish doesn’t leave anything to chance and with the flexible and premium leather on the front it certainly feels easy to use without showing wear and tear. Their vision is commendable and certainly comes to show in this item: 'Our vision is to provide you with honest handmade goods with an old school craft that are functional and aesthetically minimalistic.'

The Cultured Gentleman highly recommends the leather goods by Harber London because a true modern gentleman needs finely crafted premium goods for carrying your everyday tech gear in a perfectly stylish manner.

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