Snakehive - A Gentleman's Phone Case

Whatever The Cultured Gentleman wears, his accessories need to fit his outfit. A phone case is just as important as his tie or the state of his shoes. The right phone case is therefore an absolute asset to your wardrobe. 

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I am having the privilege to use the wonderfully crafted cases by Shakehive. I am honestly impressed by the quality of the materials and the stylishness of the stitchings. Herefore they are definitely worthwhile adding to your accessory items.

My choice was the Vintage Wallet collection, this is ideal for your everyday formal wear. It can hold your bank and travel cards and therefore is practical as well as cutting-edge. The Nubuck leather is from high quality and the feel is veritably stunning. What struck me mostly as worth mentioning was the stiching and sturdiness of the design.  

Snakehive offers a sumptuous range of wallets for every occasion, I am definitely going  to try the other lines Snakehive offers such as the Wilderness and Slimline Collection. I encourage everyone to have a look but more so experience the Snakehive Collections.

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MenswearCyrill Ibrahim