The Personal Barber - Living The Shaving Experience

Often I tend to rush my morning ritual but since I have received the box by The Personal Barber I feel it only appropriate to make my morning ritual into an actual morning experience. It soothes me to take care of my skin in this way and find that a routine brings me back to myself.

A lovely wet shave experience by The Personal Barber

A lovely wet shave experience by The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber gives you that option. A successful subscription model in which you, besides core products, receive always changing brands so that the experience is always different and exciting. You are always changing and so is the box you receive. The shaving creams and soaps could come from all over the world. I will be looking forward to what experience the next box will bring.

I think this a perfect way to get to know yourself through a new exciting shaving routine. Get your subscription sorted by checking out The Personal Barber.



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