A Premium Bean To Cup Coffee Maker - De'Longhi Maestosa


I was delighted to have spent a truly lovely afternoon at the Baglioni Hotel in South Kensington. I was introduced to the amazing De’Longhi’s new Maestosa bean to cup coffee maker.  It definitely shows how passionate De’Longhi is about coffee making. Dedicated to reach perfection in every cup you make. I myself am very passionate about coffee, it is usually one of the highlights of my day to enjoy a good and personalised cup of coffee. 

Today I learned that the De’Longhi has designed a coffee maker that is precise and personalised. You can decided what sort of coffee you want, from an espresso to latte or ice latte, all in one touch. The machine could be connected to the app which makes is easy for you make a cup wherever you are in your home, given that there is an empty cup ready to be filled. There are two bean containers which you can fill with the beans you love. Also, The Adaptive Grinding Technology with Electronic grinding regulation gives us the possibility to get a really precise and consistent grind.  


This experience became multi-sensory as we met the master chef Jozef Youssef who helped us created a desert that was inspired to the particular beans we were about to try. I had, before this event, never made coffee caviar myself, but this complemented my coffee from the Maestosa perfectly. 

I have to thank De’Longhi for hosting this amazing event and introducing me to Maestosa! I will get my new premium coffee maker at Harrods.