In a time of instant fame and craftsmanship that has been diluted to an absolute minimum, there is a real need for true quality. Quality means dedication, it means knowledge and understanding to produce something of value. In the eyes of the creator the reasons could be many but leaving a legacy and personal satisfaction are the pillars of the creation. 

The interpretation of a classical musician, be it a conductor or solo instrumentalist or singer, is arguably just as powerful and individual as the creation of art that has not been produced yet. The nature of the art I am writing about is the continuation of the heritage of our civilisation, as sound disappears and will constantly need to be recreated to survive. As humans evolve, as history changes and technology moves forward, our heritage will need to be rooted in our society. 

The blueprint of the composer’s internal emotional and sometimes physical world has been translated through the language of note writing and is understandable after the deciphering process by the interpreter. This deciphering is much more than just playing the notes and following the markings. It’s trying to look further than this - it is about understanding the emotional and intellectual world of the composer. This can take a lifetime.

I see the world of tailoring and formal menswear in the same light. The beam shines on the craft of centuries. The craft that has been taught to a few. The few who can have a feel for the development of this craft, the craft of tailoring. It is the duty of the tailor and designer to interpret the blueprint of the suit or any tailored item and through intellectual development make it an individual piece of art.  

The one with an open mind and personal understanding for colour, patterns and fit, will be able to style these intractably designed items in line with their personal style. A style that has been developed over a lifetime of searching and truly developing one’s personal taste.

The importance of Pitti Uomo is therefore of paramount importance. It is the place where men’s fashion enthusiast come together to enhance their personal style or to encourage others to think about there personal development in style. The power of Pitti is that quality is something that enthusiasts develop and are in need of sharing with the world. The importance goes further as this leads to continuation of another part of our heritage.


The Power Of PITTI